Ancra 1-3/4"Overcenter Buckle TSO Strap w/Snap Hooks and Double Stud - 70071-10-XX-XX

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Ancra Aircraft’s extremely durable 1 3/4" Overcenter TSO Strap with Snap Hooks and Double Stud End Fittings allows you to maintain control over your aircraft cargo easily. The tightly weaved polyester strap helps prevent most abrasive damage while also offering superior flexibility with minimal stretch. With the strength of this strap on your side, you’ll discover just how quick and easy it is to restrain your cargo.

This strap is equipped with our durable and heavy-duty Snap Hooks, which offer greater security. They easily snap into the anchor point for a reliable connection while the steel latch prevents the hook from coming undone, even when faced with excessive turbulence. Additionally, the strap is equipped with our easy-to-insert Double Stud Fitting, which can be used with the aircraft style track or pallet edge rails. Once in place, they provide a solid connection that supports the rest of the assembly.

As for our tensioning device, the Overcenter Buckle is engineered to combine simplicity with easy operation. All you need to do is pull the strap until it reaches the desired tension, and then the self-closing buckle will automatically rotate to a fully closed position. With this buckle, you’ll be able to easily achieve optimal tensioning.

The Ancra Aircraft 1 3/4" Overcenter TSO Strap with Snap Hooks and Double Stud Fittings is engineered in accordance with FAA regulations and military and industrial standards, and the strap this is available in lengths between 6 Ft. to 24 Ft. in a variety of different colors for your choosing.

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Snap Hooks & Double Stud
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