Anchor Plates & Tracks

The load stops here, stays here.

Ancra Aircraft seat tracks are structural members that transmit loads via the floor beams to the fuselage for maximum strength. Also called Logistic Tracks and usually used for seats, the hard-working components are versatile enough to handle many applications such as securing cargo, panels, tie downs, or stanchions. These Anchor Plates & Tracks are engineered to surpass expectations with their corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.

Anchor Plates

Anchor Plates are for use with single stud cargo fittings only to act as durable attachment point for nets and tie downs. The fittings and the plates work together to promote quick and easy insertion and removal for smoother securement jobs. Very easy to use and to install into the aircraft’s surface, they establish a solid connection between the cargo and the anchoring point.

The Anchor Plates have a smooth, low-profile design that provides protection from damage to cargo and baggage. They lay nearly flush against the surface, and they don’t get in the way during the whole loading and unloading process, saving a lot of time.

Aircraft Seat Tracks

Standard Aircraft Tracks are used in the securement of cargo and interior assemblies. They are designed to provide 12 feet of reliable and durable anchor points to assist with nearly any type of securement job. These tracks can be used with a number of different types of fittings that promote both safety and security as they work together to create a smooth and unchallenging hold over whatever it is that needs securing. Use our tracks to secure cargo, assemblies, and aircraft seats.

Built for industrial strength, these tracks are made from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion to meet specification MS 33601 and ISO 7166. They come with either a clear anodized finish or an unanodized finish. We offer two types of tracks for medium-duty and heavy-duty applications.
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