Interior Cargo Fittings

 Ancra Aircraft fittings and cargo tracks are field-proven to be the strongest and finest aircraft restraints systems and components available in the industry worldwide. There isn’t a major commercial aircraft model that either is not currently or hasn’t historically used Ancra Aircraft’s superior fitting products. With millions of miles logged in various application and configurations, the right solution for virtually any task you need to accomplish is available either off-the-shelf or can be custom designed to meet your specification by our dedicated team.
Anchor Plates & Tracks

The load stops here, stays here.

Ancra Aircraft seat tracks are structural members that transmit loads via the floor beams to the fuselage for maximum strength. Also called Logistic Tracks and usually used for seats, the hard-working components are versatile enough to handle many applications such as securing cargo, panels, tie downs, or stanchions. These Anchor Plates & Tracks are engineered to surpass expectations with their corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.

Anchor Plates

Anchor Plates are for use with single stud cargo fittings only to act as durable attachment point for nets and tie downs. The fittings and the plates work together to promote quick and easy insertion and removal for smoother securement jobs. Very easy to use and to install into the aircraft’s surface, they establish a solid connection between the cargo and the anchoring point.

The Anchor Plates have a smooth, low-profile design that provides protection from damage to cargo and baggage. They lay nearly flush against the surface, and they don’t get in the way during the whole loading and unloading process, saving a lot of time.

Aircraft Seat Tracks

Standard Aircraft Tracks are used in the securement of cargo and interior assemblies. They are designed to provide 12 feet of reliable and durable anchor points to assist with nearly any type of securement job. These tracks can be used with a number of different types of fittings that promote both safety and security as they work together to create a smooth and unchallenging hold over whatever it is that needs securing. Use our tracks to secure cargo, assemblies, and aircraft seats.

Built for industrial strength, these tracks are made from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion to meet specification MS 33601 and ISO 7166. They come with either a clear anodized finish or an unanodized finish. We offer two types of tracks for medium-duty and heavy-duty applications.

Anchor Plates & Tracks

Manufactured with Care

Since introducing our first line of aerospace components in 1969, Ancra Aircraft has continued to push standards of design to create products that overperform in durability, aesthetics, and endurance. Every product is skillfully made with care, from concept to design to manufacturing – producing lightweight, quiet and secure hardware for a world on the move. You will find an array of equipment and components that are designed to enhance the security and safety of storing cargo within the aircraft galley.

Panel Stanchion Fittings

Quality is built in, not added on

Safe, strong, and reliable product systems require high-quality components. At Ancra Aircraft, our experts monitor the entire manufacturing process through the AS9100 Quality Assurance System, the highest achievable quality system for aerospace and aviation companies to make sure that our products reach you with unchallenging standards of quality.


For jobs that need to be done in places that have limited space, your best choice to take advantage of these Threaded Bases that we have to offer. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations so that you are sure to find the right shape to get the job done right. They are engineered from high-quality materials for greater durability, and they are designed with a more low-profile shape so that you can squeeze them into the places that are narrower and more difficult to reach using other types of studs or fittings.


We carry both Single Threaded Studs and Double Threaded Studs in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including offset. Easy to install directly into the logistic tracks, these studs are designed for easy mounting. Both their strength and their versatility allow you to use them for a myriad of interior applications, whether it’s to secure cargo or install a certain fitting. Engineered from only high-quality materials for enhanced durability, the studs are manufactured to last longer, even when faced with some of the harshest challenges in the industry.

Panel Stanchion Fittings
Nets & Straps

High-quality and High-Strength Production

Ancra Aircraft’s dedication to providing the industry with high-quality solutions has been recognized with quality approvals from most major airframe manufacturers, aircraft conversion providers, and the U.S. Government. These solutions are emphasized by our custom high-strength Nets and Restraint Straps.

Nets & Straps
Seat Attachments

Made to last

From initial customer specs through design, engineering, testing, and final production, Ancra Aircraft engineers direct each step to assure the final delivered product will meet operational criteria and will perform as desired in a variety of conditions and environments. We give each and every one of our high-quality pieces the same attention to detail, from the largest components to the smallest studs. If it carries the Ancra Aircraft name, you know it’s the right choice.

Seat Attachment Fittings

We offer a wide range of Seat Attachment Fittings for both front and rear seat leg applications. These high-quality fittings are designed to work flawlessly with the track to establish a solid and reliable connection between the seat leg and the aircraft seat track. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles, and each of them is built to the highest standard of durability and strength. All current models feature anti-rattle mechanisms, satisfying requirements of present aircraft. We’ve engineered these fittings to meet airframe manufacturers specifications and passenger seat manufacturers requirements.

Seat Attachments
Specialty Hardware

Engineered to perform

Ancra Aircraft uses advanced tools like the CATIA solid modeling and NASTRAN Finite Element Modeling to develop faster, more efficient solutions for cargo securement. In addition, proprietary load analysis software simulates applied loads for various configurations and conditions. Ancra Aircraft is Number One by design.

Our line of Specialty Hardware includes components that are able to increase the safety and security of the aircraft for its passengers. This includes the durable Seat Belt Shackles and the solid Stanchion Mount Litter Support Bracket. The shackles are engineered to utilize a more low-profile design in order to accommodate the modern lightweight seats in most aircrafts. The Medivac Restraint is manufactured to provide support for standard military type hospital litters. Both types of products are essential to some aircrafts when it comes to safety.

Specialty Hardware

Anchor Plates & Tracks

In order to perform a successful tie down on the cargo, you’re going to need solid and durable anchoring points to make it happen. You can choose from a singular anchor point that you can install anywhere within the aircraft or from several anchoring points positioned in a long line. Whatever choice you make, you’ll know that your cargo is in good hands when you install either the Anchor Plates or Aircraft Style Tracks that we have available. The plates come in different sizes and can be used with single stud fittings to maintain a solid grip on the tie down assembly. The medium-duty and heavy-duty aircraft tracks come is different lengths and offer various anchoring positions that help establish a supportive hold on the load.

Galley Hardware

Ancra Aircraft offers a variety of different handles, latches, and retainers that enhance the security of the aircraft galley. The door and paddle latches are designed to make sure that the galley door is not going to start swinging open in the middle of the flight. These latches effectively lock the door tight, and they’re designed with easy-to-grip handles so that you can quickly open the door back up. The durable quarter-turn retainers and assemblies are engineered with the strength to fully and physically block a movable rolling cart from sliding around during transit. This efficiently increases security when handling these types of cargo.


Controlling aircraft cargo and equipment is much easier with the versatility and reliability of Ancra Aircraft’s Nets. Engineered using a high-quality combination of strong webbing and durable hardware, these restraints provide industrial strength holding power that can stabilize some of the toughest heavy-duty cargo easily. We also offer all of the individual tie down hardware components that provide you with the strength to make sure that that cargo isn’t going anywhere during the flight. This includes all of the fittings, buckles, rings, hooks, latches, and others that offer unchallenged strength and durability. Take a moment to look through our wide collection of hardware.

Panel Stanchion Fittings

For the kind of fittings that can be used for multiple purposes and applications, we suggest trying the incredibly durable Panel Stanchion Fittings that we have available in a very wide range of sizes and styles. From solid threaded studs to reliable threaded double studs to low-profile threaded bases, we carry only strong and supporting fittings that enhance the overall security of the interior applications. They can be used to effectively mount tracks and other hardware to the aircraft, and they are designed to maintain their hold for as long as needed. They are engineered from only solidly durable materials for longer lasting service.

Seat Attachments

Security and safety are two of Ancra Aircraft’s top priorities, and that includes the many different fittings we have for our Seat Attachments. Whether it’s for front leg or rear leg seat applications, we have the right fittings that are more than capable of keeping those seats firmly held in place along the aircraft seat track. We also have quick connect seat attachment fittings that can be used for both front and rear legs. Installing these fittings is incredibly easy and effortless, saving you a lot of time during the installation and removal process. They are engineered from high-quality materials for high performance and strength.

Specialty Hardware

Ancra Aircraft’s Specialty Hardware involves the kind of components needed to increase both security and safety for passengers on the aircraft. We have very durable and essential seat belt shackles that are designed with an incorporated low-profile feature that complements with today’s modern generation of lightweight seats. We also have the Medivac Restraint stanchion mount litter support bracket for use in supporting standard military type hospital litters. This type of bracket is adjustable to allow for varying density requirements in air evacuation.
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