Specialty Hardware

Engineered to perform

Ancra Aircraft uses advanced tools like the CATIA solid modeling and NASTRAN Finite Element Modeling to develop faster, more efficient solutions for cargo securement. In addition, proprietary load analysis software simulates applied loads for various configurations and conditions. Ancra Aircraft is Number One by design.

Our line of Specialty Hardware includes components that are able to increase the safety and security of the aircraft for its passengers. This includes the durable Seat Belt Shackles and the solid Stanchion Mount Litter Support Bracket. The shackles are engineered to utilize a more low-profile design in order to accommodate the modern lightweight seats in most aircrafts. The Medivac Restraint is manufactured to provide support for standard military type hospital litters. Both types of products are essential to some aircrafts when it comes to safety.
Medivac Restraints

This versatile and industrial strength Stanchion Mount Litter Support Bracket is designed to support standard military type hospital litters and quickly adjusts to various heights as required. Although originally designed for aircraft applications, this bracket can also be installed in personnel tanks, ambulances, and troop ships. It’s a flexible piece of equipment that can prove to be very essential for certain applications and types of aircrafts. The adjustment feature allows for varying density requirements in air evacuation and also permits litters to be tilted when required.

Medivac Restraints
Seat Belt Shackles

Ancra Aircraft’s line of seat belt shackles are designed to incorporate a low-profile design with today’s generation of new lightweight seats. They are essential components when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your passengers onboard the aircraft. The shackles are very easy to install and work with the rest of the assembly to promote safety. These center pivoting shackles are made of stainless steel for enhanced durability and are available in flat and 15° bend. In addition, a 20° bend shackle is available upon request and may be subject to minimum production runs.

Seat Belt Shackles
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