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Since introducing our first line of aerospace components in 1969, Ancra Aircraft has continued to push standards of design to create products that overperform in durability, aesthetics, and endurance. Every product is skillfully made with care, from concept to design to manufacturing – producing lightweight, quiet and secure hardware for a world on the move. You will find an array of equipment and components that are designed to enhance the security and safety of storing cargo within the aircraft galley.

Tie-down Hardware

Certified and documented

All of these products in our Tie Down Hardware category are engineered with the strength of Ancra Aircraft, so you know for certain that every one of these buckles, fittings, rings, studs, and more are built for the highest level of performance in order to surpass your standards and expectations. From heavy-duty tensioning devices for your straps to industrial strength single or double studs for your nets, we have everything that you could possibly need to complete the ideal cargo securement method of your choice. Ancra Aircraft certified products are offered under FAA regulations and military and industrial standards. All parts carry full traceability and documentation.


Equipping your tie down assemblies with any of these durable fittings is the right way to go since these pieces of hardware are engineered from only high-quality materials to emphasize their strength and durability. We carry a variety of different fittings, including Breakaway Fittings that can substitute for a tensioning device, Cargo Net Fittings that can enhance the security of your nets, and Swivel Fittings that provide much needed strength for the tougher jobs. These fittings all come in different sizes with different load capacities, so be sure to double check their information before you decide which one you want for your tie down assembly.


In order to achieve maximum security for your tie down job, you need to get your hands on the incredibly powerful and reliable tensioning buckles that we have available. These buckles, which include the Ratchet Buckle and the Overcenter Buckle, are designed to apply tension to the tie down strap in a way that keeps you in full control during the entire tensioning process. They are incredibly easy to use and are built to last you longer. Since they are able to tighten the strap incrementally, you are able to determine exactly how tight or loose the tie down needs to be. No tie down strap is complete without one of these buckles.

Hooks and Rings

For the right kind of end fittings for your tie down assembly or net, you’ll want to try the strength of the many hooks we have available. These end fittings are more than capable of getting the job done as they supply you with a reliably solid connection between the strap and the anchor point. We have both reliable Flat Hooks and durable Wire Hooks, each available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The heavy-duty rings are excellent for both end fitting and anchor point applications. They are built with the strength to handle the toughest tie down jobs with ease. We have available the versatile Round Rings and the durable D Rings. Both types of rings are excellent for the job as they supply you with much needed strength.


For every odd job or extra hand you need, we have you covered with various different pieces of hardware that only benefit the overall securement job, enhancing the holding strength of the tie down assembly. For example, our Footman’s Loop functions as an excellent attachment point, acting as a permanent anchoring solution for the tie down job. Additionally, our Snap Latches are great for when you need extra tensioning power for the job without needing to get a ratchet or overcenter buckle. Take a moment to browse our many different options to find the right kind of hardware that will improve the job.

Tie-down Hardware
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