Ancra 1-3/4"Overcenter Buckle TSO Strap w/Double Stud - 70059-12-XX-XX

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Keep a firm and secure grip over your aircraft cargo by using our extremely durable 1 3/4" Overcenter TSO Strap with Double Stud Fittings. Our strap’s webbing is tightly weaved to prevent most abrasive damage, and it offers a lot of flexibility without risking it stretching out too much. Restraining your load is a quick and easy process once you start using the strength of this Ancra Aircraft strap.

It only takes a few seconds to snap our Double Stud Fittings into place along the aircraft track or the pallet edge rails. Once they’re firmly in place, they provide a strong and solid connection point that supports the rest of the tie down assembly in keeping the cargo stable. These fittings are made from forged steel with high-strength malleable cast steel plungers.

The Overcenter Buckle provides very quick tensioning with minimal effort. Just pull the webbing tightly, and the buckle with automatically close, locking the tension in place. It keeps you in full control over how tight you want your strap to be.

Engineered in accordance with FAA regulations and military and industrial standards, this 1 3/4" Overcenter TSO Strap with Double Stud Fittings is available in lengths between 6 Ft. to 24 Ft. in a variety of different colors for your choosing.

Load Capacity (lbs):
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End Fittings:
Double Stud
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