Ancra 1-3/4"Ratchet Buckle TSO Strap w/Snap Hooks - 70060-10-XX-XX

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Ancra Aircraft goes above and beyond your security expectations with our 1 3/4" Ratcheting TSO Strap with Snap Hooks. We have engineered this tie down strap so that it has the strength to take on some of the tougher aircraft tie down jobs with its 4,000 Lbs. Load Limit.

To help you tension the strap, we’ve equipped this tie down assembly with the easy and quick to use Ratchet Buckle. It only takes a few seconds to fully tighten down the strap when you use this efficient tensioning device. Its handle is designed to offer a more comfortable grip for optimal leverage.

The webbing is engineered to provide a strong grip around the aircraft cargo. It’s designed for maximum tensile strength with maximum stretch resistance, so it won’t stretch out when dealing with the tougher loads. We have also made sure to weave the webbing tightly in order to enhance its durability, allowing you to secure heavy-duty cargo with ease.

We have equipped this strap with a pair of heavy-duty industrial strength Snap Hooks, which provide a strong and efficient grip. They easily snap onto the anchor point to establish a firm and reliable connection point to provide even more security.

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