Secure for Takeoff – Ancra Cargo Loading Systems keep your airplane and cargo SAFE during transport

Main Deck

Ancra International is the industry’s leading supplier of main deck cargo loading system products, delivering and supporting quality systems – powered and manual – across the entire spectrum of freighter aircraft.


With products on the:

  • SkyCourier (AD-15)
  • Q300
  • Q400
  • ATR-72
  • MD-80
  • CRJs
  • 737s
  • A320s
  • 757s
  • A321s
  • 767s
  • A300s
  • A330s
  • MD-11s
  • 747s
  • and others

No other company has successfully fielded more cargo loading system products for more aircraft platforms than Ancra.

Since the introduction of our first system in 1982, Ancra has delivered over 1,600 main deck cargo loading systems and today has over 1,250 systems in operation in the global commercial fleet of 1,980 freighter aircraft. Ancra has worked with more customers – OEMs, operators, and conversion houses – to develop more systems, for more platforms than all our competition combined. In 2021 Ancra delivered main deck cargo loading systems for 15 different platforms and routinely introduces 3-5 new cargo loading system products each year.


Ancra has expanded our cargo loading system product offerings to now include systems for the lower deck cargo bays of certain aircraft.  Ancra’s lower deck cargo loading systems provide the same ULD transport capability as other offerings with improved safety.  Ancra’s brushless-DC motor Power Drive Units provide DRIVE-STOP-HOLD and REVERSE capability - without losing engagement with the ULD.  Ancra’s PDUs also utilize variable speed to reduce wear-and-tear on other CLS hardware by reducing impact forces during loading / unloading.


Ancra’s Lower Deck CLS for A320-series aircraft provide safe-and-effective lower deck ULD transport in both passenger-to-freighter converted A320 series aircraft and A320-series aircraft that operate transporting passengers.


Ancra’s Lower Deck CLS for the MC-21 aircraft is factory installed by Irkut and will be entering commercial service in 2022.

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