Ancra Thermal & Fluid Management System

Cooling/Thermal sub system

Expert Fluid and Thermal Management Solutions for Aerospace Applications
Discover custom thermal and fluid management systems that are tailored for the most extreme aerospace environments. We pride ourselves on the precision of every component in our products. Explore Ancra Aircraft's cutting-edge solutions today.

Ancra Aircraft's thermal product offerings include cooling systems for these applications:
bullets Radar
bullets Transmission
bullets Engine
bullets Cargo/Galley
bullets Avionics
bullets Brake
bullets Fuel/ Hydraulic/ Coolant
bullets Environmental Control Systems (ECS)

cooling system

High Speed/Reduction Ratio Planetary Gearboxes

High Precision Pumps (Hydraulic, Fuel  Coolant, Etc,)

Types: Centrifugal, Gerotor, Gear
Fluids: Coolants, Fuels, Lubricants, Hydraulic Oils
Drive Options: Gearbox Direct, Shafts, Splines, Electrical (AC Motor), Wet/Dry Configurations, Controllers, Motor, Inverters (Pump Housing or Remotely Mounted)
Applications: Drive Trail Lube Pumps, Coolant Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Laser/Radar Cooling Pumps, Engine Cooling Pumps

Flow: .03-120gpm

Inlet Pressure: from 6.5psia

Discharge Pressure: up to 500psid

Inlet Temperature: up to 280F

Speed: 3,600rpm to 24,000rpm

Fluids: PAO, EGW, Fuels and Hydraulic Oils

Drive: AC/DC Motor and Gear Box Direct Drives

Customer Application Program Description RPM
Rockwell Collins Charge Pump Tacamo 14 gpm @190 psig, induction motor driven 11300
Lockheed Suction Boost Pump C-130 19.2 gpm @ 70 psig, induction motor driven 11400
SFC Fuel Transfer Pump Navy Buddy Store 220 gpm @135 psig, hydraulic motor driven 7000
Boeing Aerial Refueling Pump 767 Tanker 350 gpm @ 100 psig, induction motor driven 11700
Vought Fuel Pump G-V 7000 pph @ 27 psig, induction motor driven 7700
Allison Transmission Coolant Pump M1 Battle Tank 15 gpm @ 100 psig, induction motor driven 11700
ELTA Coolant Pump Aircraft Radar Cooling 6 gpm @ 80 psig, induction motor driven 7850
2Excel Coolant Pump Aircraft Radar Cooling 4 gpm @ 35 psig, induction motor driven 7850

High Power Density AC Induction Motors

High Power Density Motor Design: High speed rotor technology, advanced heat transfer methods and high electromagnetic    efficiency allows to produce high power ratings in an exceptionally small package
Types of Motors: Standard Design, Deep Bar Design, Inside-out Design, Air Cooled, Cooling Jacket and Wet Motor
Custom Design: Fractional HP Motors for Small Pumps and Fans Up to Vehicle Traction Motors with Power Ratings Exceeding 1,000HP

High Precision/Speed Fans & Blowers (AC/DC/Shaft/Engine

Types: Vaneaxial, Mixed Flow and Centrifugal
Drive Options: Gearbox Direct Drive, Shafts, Splines, AC Motors, Controllers (Integrated or Remotely Mounted), Hydraulic Motors
Airborne: Avionics Cooling, Scavenge, ECS Systems, Brake Cooling, Transmission Cooling
Ground: Engine Cooling, Transmission Cooling, Gun Purge, Electronic Cooling and Air Conditioning

Customer Application Program Description RPM Impeller Diameter(in)
Boeing Avionics Cooling C-17 1100cfm @20 in-wg, induction motor driven 11700 7.7
Boeing Vent Fan C-17 1650 cfm @ 3 in-wg, induction motor driven 7700 7.7
Boeing Ramp Heater Blower C-17 360cfm @10 in-wg, induction motor driven 17700 6
GDLS Engine Cooling FCS 10000cfm @ 20 in-wg, 600VDC motor driven 9500 18
GDLS Engine Cooling M1 Battle Tank 7500cfm @ 12 in-wg,direct drive shaft driven 3700 16
GDLS IPS Blower M1 Battle Tank 1200cfm @ 15in-wg, shaft driven 12000 6.2
GDLS Transmission Cooling Stryker Mordernization 8500 cfm @ 14 in-wg, hydraulic Motor driven 6300 14
Bell Helicopter Nacelle Blower V22 9250cfm @ 26 in-wg, engine driven 8000 16
BHTI Oil Cooling M230 1600cfm @13.1 in-wg, 270 VDC drive 15000 8.4
Sikorsky Transmission Cooler CH53 19300cfm @19 in-wg, engine driven 8000 18
Sikorsky Oil Cooler Commanche 3920cfm @9.6 in-wg, shaft driven 8354 9
Allison Gas Turbine IPS Blower T800 Engine 2150cfm @46 in-wg, direct drive 24556 6.7
UDLP/BAE Systems Engine Cooling LOSAT 12500cfm @ 22 in-wg, induction motor driven 6250 20
Lytron Transmission Cooling LCAC 6000cfm @4 in-wg, hydraulic motor driven 5600 16
Textron Marine Systems IPS Blower LCAC 2200 cfm @14 in-wg, hydraulic motor driven 9000 10
GE IPS Blower T-700 Engine 1380cfm @42 in-wg, shaft driven 30000 6.1

Vast Array of Other Electro- and Hydro-Mechanical Systems Employed in a Multitude of Military and Commercial Aerospace Platforms

Our custom pumps and fans can be seamlessly paired with other components to create efficient integrated cooling solutions. From design to assembly, Ancra Aircraft delivers the highest quality thermal management systems.
Other Components: Accumulators, Heat Exchangers, Cold Plates, Filters, Valves and Sensors

Professional Engineering Team: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural,Thermodynamics, Software, Actuation, Packaging, RF, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Quality
Who Our Engineers Are:
bullets Mechanical & Fixture Designers and Configuration Management Specialists
bullets Stable and experienced team with average of 15 years industry experience
bullets Interface with all major CAD and data interface tools
bullets Director of Programs is an FAA Structural DER
bullets Sr. Systems Engineer is a FAA System DER

Contact us today (hyperlink to contact form or email address) for a consultation on how our thermal management systems can help your applications reach their full potential. 

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