Ancra Overcenter Buckle, 1" - 42816-20

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In order to acquire maximum tensioning in little time, you need Ancra Aircraft’s 1" Overcenter Buckle. This very simple piece of hardware is exactly what you need to acquire the right amount of tension for the tie down strap or the net as it keeps a steady hold over the cargo. The buckle is engineered out of durable steel so it can handle the tougher securement jobs.

Tightening down the cargo using the Overcenter Buckle is a very easy operation. Manually pull the strap or net to the desired tension and rotate the buckle’s lever. The self-closing lever then automatically rotates to a fully closed position, locking the strap into place. When it’s time to unload, release the tension by pulling upward on the web handhold. It’s quick and easy.

Don’t worry about the buckle causing abrasive damage to the load. It’s designed to lay flat against the webbing, which acts as a cushion, protecting the rest of the load from getting scratched during transit.

Ancra Aircraft’s 1" Overcenter Buckle meets FAA requirements for use on straps and nets.

Load Capacity (lbs):
Buckle Type:
Zinc plated per ASTM B633, Class Fe/Zn, Type VI, trivalent gold chromate .68 (RoHS compliant)
(RoHS compliant):
Weight (oz)=2.4
Weight (gm):
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