Breakaway Fittings

These Breakaway Fittings are desirable in some strap assemblies to eliminate the need for an additional buckle, such as an Overcenter Buckle or a Ratchet Buckle. This saves on space when tie down conditions are tight.

Tensioning of the straps is accomplished by pulling the handhold. The Breakaway Fitting’s teeth catch the webbing and bite down onto it, firmly holding it in place at the desired amount of tension. The fitting is released by lifting the spring-loaded retainer and sliding the fitting free of the track.

The sideplates, studs, and cross pins are engineered using heat treated alloy steel and are coated in a cadmium plated finish for enhanced resistance against corrosive damage. The retainers are constructed from heat-treated cast steel. The fittings are available as adjustable or as nonadjustable with a Ring. Other styles may be available on special request and may be subject to minimums.
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