Panel Stanchion Fittings

Quality is built in, not added on

Safe, strong, and reliable product systems require high-quality components. At Ancra Aircraft, our experts monitor the entire manufacturing process through the AS9100 Quality Assurance System, the highest achievable quality system for aerospace and aviation companies to make sure that our products reach you with unchallenging standards of quality.
Flush Threaded Bases

These low-profile fittings are designed for use where added clearance is required. These Threaded Bases run flush against the interior aircraft’s surface, which is extremely helpful for low-space situations. Incredibly easy to install, they are excellent components that offer unchallenged strength when it’s most needed. They are available in a number of different configurations to suit multiple different applications. When space is critical, try using these Flush Mounted Fitting Assemblies for efficient and reliable securement.

Flush Threaded Bases
Threaded Double Stud

This series of fittings provides track attachment capabilities for a wide range of interior applications. The Threaded Double Stud is installed into the item to be mounted and held in position with a locknut and retainer. In addition to the variety of sizes and types that we carry, there are also offset configurations that are available for those applications where floor attachment space is restricted. Other sizes, finishes, and variations may be available on special request and may be subject to minimum quantities.

Threaded Double Stud
Threaded Stud

These multi-purpose, semi-permanent interior track fittings are specifically designed to be threaded into the part to be mounted. Our Threaded Stud is designed as an interior tie down incorporating a steel stud and retainer for use where multiple attachments are required. Incredibly easy to insert, they come equipped with a knurled nut or two knurled nuts for easy tightening by hand or with two hex nuts for easy tightening with a tool. Threaded Studs without nuts are also available. Other sizes and variations may be available on special request and may be subject to minimum quantities.

Threaded Stud


For jobs that need to be done in places that have limited space, your best choice to take advantage of these Threaded Bases that we have to offer. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations so that you are sure to find the right shape to get the job done right. They are engineered from high-quality materials for greater durability, and they are designed with a more low-profile shape so that you can squeeze them into the places that are narrower and more difficult to reach using other types of studs or fittings.


We carry both Single Threaded Studs and Double Threaded Studs in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including offset. Easy to install directly into the logistic tracks, these studs are designed for easy mounting. Both their strength and their versatility allow you to use them for a myriad of interior applications, whether it’s to secure cargo or install a certain fitting. Engineered from only high-quality materials for enhanced durability, the studs are manufactured to last longer, even when faced with some of the harshest challenges in the industry.
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