Cargo Net Fittings

A cargo net essentially useless until you equip it with some of Ancra Aircraft’s solid and reliable Cargo Net Fittings. These fittings are engineered from high-quality materials in order to help you establish a durable connection between the net and the anchor point, allowing you to fully immobilize and restrain your commercial aircraft cargo. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, including the Single Stud, Single Stud Locking, and Double Stud Fittings. Each one is designed to work flawlessly with the aircraft track or anchor plate for smooth and solid connection that you can trust.

Single Stud Cargo Fittings

Ancra Aircraft’s Single Stud Cargo Fittings are normally used in strap and net applications to attach to aircraft tracks and anchor plates. They are designed to fit aircraft seat tracks with the track cross section per MS33601, narrow-profile aircraft tracks, and 40000 anchor plates. Once fitted, they provide a clear and reliable connection that supports the rest of the tie down assembly.

The fitting is easily inserted into and removed from the track by simply lifting the spring-loaded retainer and sliding the fitting in the track. The entire process takes only a few seconds to fully secure the fitting into the track or to remove it. Built for strength, the studs are engineered from heat-treated steel alloy, the retainers are constructed from cast steel, and the rings and springs are stainless steel. Other styles may be available on special request and may be subject to minimums.

Single Stud Locking Cargo Fittings

Ancra Aircraft’s Single Stud Locking Cargo Fittings are the same as our standard Single Stud Cargo Fittings, but these unique fittings have a special locking mechanism for added security. This locking mechanism comes in the form of either a Safety Pin or a Safety Pin attached to a Cable for additional security. The Safety Pin holds the fitting securely in place along the track or in the anchor plate, keeping it firmly secured throughout the flight. Other styles of these fittings may be available on special request and may be subject to minimums.

Double Stud Cargo Fittings

Double Stud Cargo Fittings offer a more durable and reliable connection for use in heavy-duty strap, net, or bulk cargo restraint applications. This is mainly due to the fact that these fittings use two spaces in the track rather than a single space, creating more stability.

The fittings are designed to quickly attach to standard-duty and heavy-duty aircraft track or pallet edge rails. They can be easily inserted or removed by lifting the spring-loaded retainer and sliding the fitting into or out of the track. The entire process only takes a few seconds, saving you a lot of precious time for the rest of the securement job.

Built for durability, the bodies are engineered from forged 4130 steel with high-strength malleable cast steel plungers and high-carbon steel rings. The Round Ring or Twisted Ring can accommodate a variety of different end fittings to establish a strong and stable connection. Upon special request, other styles and variations may be available and may be subject to minimum quantity requirements.
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