Ancra Aircraft provides you with different styled hooks that can be used in a variety of strap and net applications for securing cargo. Hooks are some of the most reliable end fittings since they’re able to connect directly with the anchor point to establish a strong attachment.

For typical tie down jobs, we recommend using our Flat Hook with Keeper, which is a popular option among the cargo control industry. The simple yet durable shape of the Flat Hook allows it to easily mate with different types of anchor points. The Keeper feature offers extra reliability and security to help keep the hook firmly in place.

We also offer our Narrow Wire Hook, which is designed with a slim frame that allows you to easily attach it to hard-to-reach anchor points. In situations in which space is limited, it’s narrow shape is a very critical feature. This hook is also National Aerospace Standard compliant with an NAS number of 1211D10.
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