AZUSA, CA — Ancra International, LLC has been selected by Boeing Commercial Aviation Services in Long Beach, California to provide the cargo loading system for the new 737-800BCF aircraft as Boeing Supplier Furnished Equipment (SFE). Ancra is the world’s leading supplier of aircraft cargo loading systems with over 900 of the 1600 freighters flying worldwide today using Ancra main deck systems; and Ancra has delivered 550 cargo loading systems for Boeing’s 737 and 757 airplanes alone.

Ancra’s decades of experience with narrowbody aircraft cargo loading systems has proven that customers prefer products like their 737-800 CLS that include “flippers” along the outboard siderails (versus a fixed vertical-lip) to better facilitate loading and unloading operations. In addition, as Boeing targets sales of their 737-800 conversion in the Chinese marketspace, Ancra already has its 737, 757, and 767 cargo loading system products flying with nine operators in the region and has established a parts warehouse in Hong Kong to better serve its customers with timely delivery of spare parts.

The Ancra cargo loading system configuration options for the 737-800BCF include the following;

Baseline System — 11 position 88" x 125" pallets/ULDs
OPTION — 11 position 88" x 125" pallets/ULDs w Engine Pallet
OPTION — 10 position 96" x 125" pallets/ULDs
OPTION — 11 position 88" x 125" 10 position 96" x 125"
OPTION — 11 position 88" x 125" 10 position 96" x 125" w Engine Pallet
OPTION — 11 position 88" x 125" 11 position 88" x 108"
OPTION — 11 position 88" x 125" 11 position 88" x 108" w Engine Pallet

Each configuration also includes a position for the transport of one 60.4” x 61.5” pallet at the aft end of the CLS.

“We are very excited to win this conversion program with Boeing for the 737-800 aircraft, and we are pleased that Boeing chose Ancra as the partner to help expand their business into the narrowbody conversion marketplace,” says Ed Dugic, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ancra. “We feel that our flippered-siderail was a major technology differentiator since aircraft turn-around times are significantly increased in the presence of fixed-lip siderails as pallets that are damaged or over-tensioned tend to jam under the fixed vertical restraints. Unlike widebody aircraft, there is simply no space between the cargo and the liner in a 737 to get behind the pallets to help free them when they get stuck.”


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